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electric smoker

Through the experience we have gained from years of smoking and curing all kinds of meat, fish, chicken and cheese, we were able to create a unique device. The device operates using electricity and we called it the Original Electric Smoker. It can do both drying and smoking. Drying is done using the heat inside the chamber. Smoking is done by placing a fuel in the heater that creates real smoke. Since the device uses various parts of wood or pellet as a fuel, it is very simple to operate and designed for both beginner and experienced cooks.

Original Electric Smokehouse

The device is made of high quality steel making it easy to maintain. If you follow proper maintenance precautions according to the instruction manual, we guarantee you that the product will be long-lasting. A stainless steel chamber with stainless steel wires, hooks for hanging meat supply cord and the fuel that is high a quality beech wood chip or pellet that is placed in a container. The amount of fuel will be sufficient for several cycles of smoking. For additional requirements, you can always order and we will send you via courier service. For customers of our smokehouse, fuel price is promotional.

electric smoker with thermostat and glass

Usage of the smoking process:

Open the door of the smokehouse and the container above the heater pour sawdust if you want to smoke some products. The chamber devices put or attach the wire what you want to smoke meat fish, bacon ..). Let you above the heater and fuel still standing container in which to collect fat caused by the drying of the product. The device plug and the device begins to work. Temperature domain chamber, depending on the type of device you have and ranges from 30 to 90 C. Special heater smoking have caused fuel (sawdust) and the intensity that you want.

If you want to smoke some products, open the door of the smokehouse and pour sawdust on the container above the heater. Place the item that you want to smoke in one of the racks or attach it to the hooks inside the smoker. We recommend that you put a bowl above the heater to collect all fat caused by the drying of the product. Plug the device and it will start to work. The range of temperature is from 30 to 90 °C depending on the type of device that you have.

For one average cycle of smoking or drying, 2-5 containers of sawdust is enough. Total amount of time of smoking depends on the type of meat, fish, etc…


Usage of the drying process:

The process of drying is done only using the heater without the use of sawdust.

Total time of drying the meat is up to 12 hours or more. Fish or poultry can be dried for about 8 hours depending on the size and weight. Of course you can also combine these two functions, smoking and drying, if desired. When drying products, pay attention to the container that collects fat. Collected fat should be discarded regularly to avoid oil from spilling to the device.